.Trans Bay Metal Detectors - 650-574-2012 - Metal detecting news and announcements 

Apr 2016  Trans Bay Metal Detectors now has an Ebay Store where you can purchase your Tesoro Metal Detectors on Line!!!    


Unfortunately, my White's Distributor, Jimmy Sierra is no longer the Western Regional Distributor for 5 States including California.    Those White's Dealers that are still available in the West will be buying directly from the Factory.   Jimmy's limited distribution SST, SGT and SPP will no longer be made by White's.    I still have several SSTs and one SGT left... a Shame, as these are well thought out excellent detectors.

White's just announced the MX-Sport.   This is a Water Submersible Metal Detector based on the MXT Foundation with a bit more Gain and Audio Sensitivity.   Unlike the MXT All Pro, the MX-Sport is a fully Digital Detector loaded with features.   I had the pleasure of working with Grand Master Detectorist, Jimmy Sierra along White's Engineering and Technical Staff in evaluating and suggesting how to improve the pre-production prototype.

Garrett Electronics has just announced three new models, the Ace 200, 300 and 400.   These will replace the Ace 150, 250, and 350.   The new units offer higher frequencies and Dual Digit numerical read outs on the Targets.  

Feb 2016  Just Out; Tesoro is making the Cibola, Vaquero and Tejon available with the NEW RSD Coils when ordered with the new Black Base Color.   The Looks are very striking......

Jan 2016: Tesoro is on the move with a newly designed RSD Coil.  Responsive Signal Design means LESS Ground Effect with enhanced Sensitivity on smaller Jewelry and Gold Nuggets.   Trans Bay and Big Valley have tested this Coil and found it to deliver a much quieter hunt over difficult ground conditions whether it is prospecting or beach hunting.    The weight of the RSD Coil is very lightweight compared to the other Brands.   

Also... Tesoro has now hired Master Detectorist Alan Cannon.    Alan was responsible for me becoming a Dealer back in 1983 when he was marketing manager of Compass Electronics.    I was so impressed with the performance of the Challenger X-70 it encouraged me to get into the Dealer-Sales starting with Compass, White's and Tesoro Electronics.

May 2015: Tesoro announces the availability of their HOT Outlaw with a Single 8" Search Head which reduces the price down to $515.00 making it a Top Competitor in their price range.    This unit is also an excellent Cache Hunter when mated with their new 12x10 Concentric Spoked Coil which provides over 25% increase in depth on Larger Targets.

March 2015: Minelab has made available its new GPZ 7000, but at $12000.00 it's way beyond the range of affordibility for most.   Minelab also came out with the SDC 2300 with 8" Mono Coil which is significantly lighter by Minelab Standards and is equal in performance on the smaller gold nuggets like the GPZ 7000, and better than the GPX 5000 replaced by the 7000.   For more information, BIG Valley Metal Detectors... Larry has the inside scoop!

Janary 2015: Jimmy Sierra has just come out with the SPP, a TDI Super Pulse with Two Coils for a package price under $1000.00 !!!! making it the Best Performance and Price Package in the Industry Today.

September 2013: Garrett Electronics announces a new PI unit for Beach and Prospecting, the ATX to compete with the Minelab and White's Variants.    This will be in a Military Style Look with advanced Pulse Detecting, Ferrous Descrimination and enhanced Sensitivity on small Grain Nuggets.    Looks like Garretts got a winner with this new model, scheduled for release in October of 2013.   Some Youtube videos available.

At $3000, its not affordable for most like the TDI PRO and SL by White's Electronics, but it does have some interesting configurations and is submersible down to 10 feet.    Heavy Feel.

June 2013:  Its here!!!!   The new White's Sierra Gold Trac.      This 48 kHz power house has JUST TWO Controls with no loss of depth.  Utilizing the Same Circuit has White's Flag Ship, the GMT, the Sierra Gold Trac retails for just 599.95.    Like the SST, the Sierra Gold Trac will have an introductory $100.00 off its retail price, and with its Advanced Ground Tracking system, the competition does not stand a chance with this UNDER $500.00 Gold Detecting BEAST.   This is only available to Local Professional Dealers on a limited basis.   You cannot believe the light weight and balance of White's NEWEST unit.

March 2013: OK, the secret is out.   New unit is White's SST.     This unit was the collaboration of Grand Master Jimmy Sierra with Master Detectorist Greg Moscini who developed this unit which is a Lighter Weight Power House based on the MXT Platform.   Must come in for a demonstration over 'our board of pain' and to see what this unit can do on West Coast Black Sand which can mask gold rings from competitor models.