Electronic Pin Pointers for 2018​

Comment:  I've got to say that all the Main American Manufacturers and some of the European Manufacturers have stepped up their game in terms of quality, performance and features.    There is plenty of choice out there.   Here are my choices....

* Gold Diggers Land and Sea...  $129.95  

   Pulse Induction Technology and Sumergible to Twenty Feet sporting a forward white led light and a Red Target Light.   

* White's TRX.... $159.95

   White's Electronics is a leader in the Manufacturing of American Made Metal Detectors, and the  TRX represents the newest Technology.   Submergible with Ultra-Sensitivity and Automatic Ground Balancing.   A great feel and ease of turning it on and off.

* White's Bullseye II....  $69.95

   After White's Electronics introduced the TRX,  the price on the $119.95 Bullseye II was greatly reduced to about 69.95   Bright White LED  and Sensitive, make it a Low Budget Choice

*  Garrett Pro-Pointer AT... $149.95

   Garrett like White's Electronics is an American Manufacturer that produces Top-Quality Leading Technology Metal Detectors.  The Pro-Pointer AT is fully submergible and sensitive to Gold and other Metals.  The Garrett Carrot and lesser expensive Pro Pointer II has a superior gradient so when your right on top of the target, the tone FLAT Lines as opposed to many of the others which just increase to a very rapid pulsing tone.    

* Garrett Pro Pointer II... If your not going to submerge your Pro-Pointer, consider this unit as it has the same Audio Gradiant as the AT.

* The Deus Pin Pointer... $169.95

   XP Deus Pin Pointer  has many features and is dedicated to the wireless format of the Deus so there is no cross talk.   Grass Valley Frank uses his Deus Pin Pointer and Loves it.   On the other hand, Nevada City George, prefers the HOT Tip on his White TRX even though they both hunt with the XP-Deus.  

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