Best Pinpointers from Trans Bay Metal Detectors 650-574-2012 

Gold Digger's Land and Sea $99.95
* Rugged construction; will NOT False when pressure is applied
* Pulse Induction (PI) Technology works in heavily mineralized dirt and wet salt water sand
* Excellent depth range with 4 levels of sensitivity
* 3 Modes of operation (sound, vibrate, and both)
* LED Forward White LED

* LED Side TARGET Light, Red
* Fully Submersible and Bouyant. Will float if dropped in water
* Bright Fire Engine Yellow-Green.
* One year warranty and serviced in the USA

Rating: 6 Stars

Garrett AT PRO Pointer $150.00
* 12 kHz technology
* Host of Features and Audio similar to the Pro Pointer
* Gradient Proximity Response
* You can now turn off the Audio and Hunt in Vibrate
*  Adjustable Sensitivity to rival other Brands
* Submersible to several feet
* Adjustable 3 levels of Sensitivity
* Bright Orange, easy to see in water or tall grass

Garrett PRO Pointer $110.00
* Gradient Proximity Response
* Operates at approx 12 kHz
* Fits In Pouch
* One 9 Volt Battery
* Led to Illuminate Plug Hole

Comments: At $110.00, Garrett Pro Pointer sets the Industry standard, and Leader in Popularity Displacing Sun Ray's Integrated Pin Pointers.   As a stand along, the Garrett Pro Pointer can be used with any other make and model of detector as it is NON-Proprietary.   Reliability has been very Good and any problems... bring it to your Local Garret Dealer if one exists in your area or send it back to Garrett Directly.   Non water proof and will interfere with certain makes and models.   

Rating: 5 Stars

Minelabs Pro Pointer (Just Introduced in June 2012).   Name escapes me. $179.95
* Gradient Proximity Response
* Uses some Variable Frequency Technology
* Does Not Interfer with any metal detector circuit
* Adjustable Sensitivity Control and at Max Setting, Delivers Deeper than Garrett Pro Pointer but Not as Deep as Detector Pro's Pistol Probe
* Similar Chassis to Garrett but not as rugged feeling
* Available through Big Valley Metal Detectors, Citris Heights, CA

Comments: At approximately $179.95, a bit more pricey than the very popular Garrett Pro Pointer.   If you already have a Garrett Pro Pointer, I'd save your money, BUT if you do experience some 'cross-talk' between your metal detector and the Garrett, check out this NEW Kid on the Block for 2012.
Rating 5 Stars

White's Bullseye II $119.95

* Stable
* Selectable Audio OR Vibrate
* Like the aforementioned, uses one 9 Volt Battery
* Very Comfortable Feel with Dirt Resisant Switch
* Bright White LED Technology
* About an inch or two on a Quarter

Comments: Used like the Kellyco Automax to sell more machines than offer raw performance, the Bullseye for the Value will be the choice for most folks on a limited budget.

Rating 3 1/2 Stars

First Texas Pin Pointer $79.95
* Bargain Basement Pricing
* Sensitivity is adjusted similar to White's Bullseye like a Squelch Control
* The Squelch Control  or Sensitivity Control powers on the unit so you can set it and forget it
* Construction is the Cheapest of the Lot about a click above the Kellyco Automax
* Simplicity Personified

Comments:  Routinely part of the First Texas Package when you purchase a Top of the Line Fisher F75 or Teknetics T2.   Overall,  I wasn't too enthusiastic about the Value and Performance but for FREE it is not to B.A.D.   I've yet to sell one hand picked alone for $79.95 or even 1/2 the price.   Go Figure.  No Demand.

Rating 2 1/2 Stars

Vibra Quatic $189.95

* WaterProof
* Larger and Bulkier than Most
* Comfortable in Hand or for Diving
* Improved Depth over earlier Vibra Probes
* Very Good Sensitivity for Gold Nuggets working around Creeks.
* Blue LED Target Light in Base

Comments:  I've always been a fan of the Vibra Probes which have evolved to get better and better.   Excellent Service.   The Vibra Quatic has an improved automatic power on that is delayed unlike earlier Vibra Probes which use to turn on while traveling in your vehicle due to the bumping effect on their internal Mercury Switches.   Mike has solved this problem with the AquaProbe.   If your venturing near the water, an excellent choice.

Rating 5 Stars

Vibra Probe 580

* Submersible
* Excellent Performance for Ferreting out coins in park or beach
* Just point toward the sky and unit turns on like its Big Brother the Vibra Quatic
* Turns off Automatically
* Sensitive to smaller gold nuggets.

Rating 4.5 Stars


Kellyco AutoMax $150.00
* Used as part of their Bundling  for FREE or 1/2 Price
* Every Unit seems to Differ as far as their Specs with Inconsistant Performance
* Vibrate or Audio Only Selector Switch on Outside
* Built In Belt Clip
* Red LED Target Light

Comments:   I've always liked Kellyco ever since I first opened and looked at their massive catalog in the early 1980s.   Their Intensive advertising and
descriptions can cause my eyes to water.   With regards to this Pin Pointer, it has the LONGEST Probe in the Industry.   But how LONG it is doesn't gaurantee a first place finish in the Pin Pointers.   It ISN"T how LONG it is, it is how it works in the ground and convenience wise it can't fit in any Pouch I use and most of the pouches out in the market... hence the need to either hold it constantly in your hand or use the Belt Clip.   Problem is, many times, when you crouch down to retrieve the target you don't neecessarily rely at that point on an electronic probe.   The Flimsy Construction of this Segmented Probe easily Snaps so prepared for Shipping and Handling Fees and up to two Weeks to get it replaced from America's Largest Mail Order House.      So if you get one in your Mail Ordered Package, Quickly sell it on Craig's List or Ebay.   Probably get under $50.00 for it.   Put the Money in your pocket and take your Wife or Girlfriend out to Lunch at Burger King with the proceeds of your E Sale on this Wopper!

Rating 2 1/2 Stars.

Rating 4 Stars.

White's Metal Pin Pointers $12.95
* Ball Tipped to avoid scratching like an Ice Pick
* Shaft is Steel but will Bend with Use
* Wooden Handle

Comments: I had the first of this type manufacturered Privately and at that time they were all metal with T Handles which resonated.   I sold them for $9.95.   Jimmy Sierra later took on the concept and we produced them for the same price.   White's Electronics then currently produces them but the price crept up from an Initial $5.95 and at that Price I couldn't keep them in stock.   Today because of our Inflationary Pressures brought on the our nearly 16 Trillion Federal Depth, this Pin Pointer sells for $12.95.    I'm still able to sell them but the Hodan Pin Pointers are looking more desireable to my customers.   Sold at Authorized White's Dealers.

Rating 3 Stars