Best Metal Detectors from Trans Bay Metal Detectors 650-574-2012  

Category General Purpose, BASED on My 40 YEARS of Metal Detecting as well as Experience and Feedback by my Friends and Customers.....


It's not IF your metal detector will break down and require servicing, it's WHEN.   

As costs to repair your metal detector whether it's a Minelab, Fisher, Teknetics, White's and Garrett are going up to where the average repair bill is between $100.00 and $200.00.   Some of the MFGs have deemed models that are no longer active as obsolete and are unable to repair them.

Only Tesoro offers a Lifetime Warranty to the Original Owner on File.   Tesoro was the first to offer Surface Mount Technology in their new UMAX Housing which increase reliability.    Tesoro is the only Manufacturer that has Chosen to stick with the Analog Circuitry which offers True Target Sound Harmonics, which gives it an edge in telling those Elusive Gold Rings from many of the Aluminum Trash which fool the other Brands.  Many of my customers are so confident with their Tesoros, they can avoid up to 85% of the common trash your going to dig with those Metered Digital Units.   

I typically will explain this by using a Demonstration Board of Pain.   For advanced techniques to my Customers,  we go to the Board of Truth.

Tesoro Circuits handle most of the Difficult Mineralization and Minimize the Ground Reactivity.   Their Models offer the BEST Value and Performance without Equal.   With proper Techniques and Mechanics, you can avoid digging up to 80% of Pesky Tabs, Aluminum Shards and Bottle Caps.

Many of our customers are going back with their new Tesoros and hunting Worked Over Parks and finding Coins and Jewelry missed by the other brands down DEEP.   Several Weeks ago, one of our customers using a Tesoro Tejon, located a 22 K Ring at 9 ½ Inches in a Trashy Park.

Please Contact Greg at Trans Bay Metal Detectors, or Larry at BIG Valley Metal Detectors.   We are your Local Tesoro Authorized Dealers offering the full line of Tesoro Metal Detectors which start at under $200.00.


Tejon: 17.5 kHz:
Twin Discrimination, Manual Ground Balance, Excellent Balance and Lightweight with Very Fast Response makes this a very strong performer in its price class.  It also features Tesoro's famous 180 Discriminator to ensure maximum penetration through high mineral and black sand conditions. Like most of Tesoro's line, this is a hunt by ear detector with no visual discriminator which are for the most part UNRELIABLE in their Accuracy depending on Location and Mineral Content.
The Tejon also will give one the BEST 'See Through'  Small Ferrous Trash in the Industry Today.

Vaquero: 15 kHz
Manual Ground Balance with Frequency Switch, Ultra Light Weight running on just One 9 volt Battery makes this an excellent choice for those that want to go for the jewelry and elusive nickels.  The Vaquero and Cibola have an almost identical Circuit and have a reputation for Smoothness unsurpassed by any other Brand/Model.

Outlaw 10.6 kHz
Manual Ground Balance with Three Search Coils and Rods make this Make and Model the BEST Value and Performance Combination.  As of 7/29/2012, the Industry's Newest Bad Boy in the Metal Detecting Industry. NOW available with 8" only Loop at a reduced price if you so choose.   The Outlaw is Tesoro's Deepest Cache Hunter with their largest Concentric Loop.   You can run the Outlaw in its Static Mode for Maximum Depth!!!!

Compadre 12 kHz
and One Knob Operation make this the Poor Man's Gold Machine.   Its Ultra-Lightweight One 9 volt Battery make this Ideal for the Adult as well as the child.   So good at sniffing out small gold and jewelry Golden State frequently rents this particular model out.   It will run circles around the competition costing many times more, in so many ways.    This is my choice in Competition Club Hunts because it pin points very fast without having to change modes.

MOJAVE 12 kHz and as far as I'm concerned the BEST Performance and Value in the Industry today under $400.00/   This Model is Tesoro's NEWEST, having been introduced in 2017.   It was Designed by none other than Allan Cannon, who has worked as the Marketing Rep for Garrett and Compass and Allan is well known in metal detector Circles.   Allan went to work for Tesoro Electronics several years ago, bringing his experience and know-how.   Myself and Larry worked with Allan on Developing the Mohave with a new Twin Range Auto Ground Balance and New 7" Concentric Coil.   The Mohave can best be described as a Compadre Circuit on Steroids.  I recently went out with the Grass Valley Duo of Frank A and George K in one of our older schools in the Bay Area.   Frank was using the White's MXT and George, the new Deus with the newest Software.     Right in their Tracks, the Mojave detected a White Gold 14K Wedding Band between 7 and 8", probably my Deepest Ring found on Land.    Priced under $300.00.   

ver UMax; at 10.6 kHz with a All Metal Motion Switch (giving it 180 Discriminator Performance), at $299.00, this Feather Weight Deep Detection Detector is hard to BEAT.   Very Effective in Black Sand Beaches where Gold Rings and Nickels can virtually Disappear from other pretenders 1" under the Black Sand.   This Silver UMax Gets The JOB Done.    Add a Larger or Smaller Loop for added performance whatever the situation calls for.


Spectra Series:  V3i ad VX3; $1250 to $1500.00.    BEST and Most Impressive Visual Target ID Screen in the Industry.   These Detectors are have a very narrow sweep speed to hear targets at all depth.   A Bit on the Heavy Side.

MXT All Pro:
15 kH
z and Three Modes of Operation. Back Light and Target Tone ID. Virtually Zero Sweep Speed Capable without tuning out deep targets.    Large Screen Visability with Excellent Resolution running on an 8 Cell Battery Pack.   At $900.00, it is an excellent Value and Performance, and arguably their BEST all around detector and value.

MX-Sport: 15 KHz and Submersible down to 10 feet in order to compete with the AT PRO.   The Jury is still out on how this model will be accepted.    White's initially recalled them all back with firmware issues.   I was brought in  on the development - testing team which included Jimmy Sierra.   I had an opportunity to put the pre-preduction prototype through its paces and made at least a dozen recommendations to improve it.  WELL, in 2017, the Engineers have really dialed it in as far as the Tracking and Gain goes...   This MX-Sport is my #! Choice for our Bay Area Beaches thanks to its Salt Track, Large Display and new Iron Volume Adjustment among many other options which can be controlled by one finger (thumb).

MX-7:  This is my choice for a Land Unit.   the MX-7 enjoys the same Horse Power as the MX-Sport and offers a 950 Concentric Search Head as standard and concentric coils offer Superior Trash Rejection (mainly in the light slag metals and bottlecaps); pver their Double D Coils.  I was hunting with Grass Valley Frank who was using his French Deus.   I had know problems in signal detecting every target Frank heard with his Deus.  The MX-7 is Weather Proof but not Submergible like the MX-Sport.

Treasuremaster PRO:  As with most all White's Models which offer easy to read larger Displays, the Treasuremaster Series is second to none.   The PRO has a nice easy to use Pinpoint Mode with a smooth gradient.   The Wide Scan Coil means superior performance, particularly around Beach and Prospecting Areas.

Treasuremaster 100: Nice Big Display.   Performance is typical of the all digital detectors, sporting a larger Display than the Coinmasters it replaced.  T over thetal pin point gradient needs to be improved as it is no where near as smooth as the PRO.


ATX Super PI: In my opinion the BEST Value and Performer in the Pulse Induction Competition.   Extremely Quiet and Sensitivie on Gold nugets down to one grain.   The ATX is very quiet in my shop in spite of power lines running under the sidewalk within 20 feet, thanks to a frequency scan mode.

AT-MAX; Larger Improved Display over the AT-PRO for a bit more money but the Jury is still out.  Check out the Youtube Videos and draw your own conclusion.   I've yet to field test Garrett's newest model as of 2018.

AT-Pro; Semi-Manual Push Button Ground Balance, Wide Scan Coil Standard, Dual Level Discriminator with Adjustable Iron Disc.  15 kHz Lightweight Configuration and Water Resistant to 10 feet. 

Ace 200, 300 and 400 Series.   Zone Discrimination Slow Sweep Detector.   Some Target Blending Noted.  Popular in Price Range but Preset Ground Balance as most of Garrett's metal detectors are.  Unable to Lock on the All Metal Mode Pin Point.   Garrett has improved the Recovery Speed and Sensitivity to Gold Jewelry.   the 200 has less Horse Power and Features.   I prefer the 300 over the 400 due to its standard Concentric Coil vs the 400's Wide Scan DD Coil.

First Texas Metal Detectors:

They bring you three main brands consisting of Bounty Hunter, Fisher and Teknetics.   They are Light Weight and share similar components and impressive looking visual digital displays.   Problem is that First Texas keeps changing the models in the Teknetics and Bounty Hunter Line by Rebadging.     Quality Control has been suspect in the past but they have a strong 5 year warranty.

XP Metal  Detectors:

DEUS: Industry's Most Sophisticated Fully Wireless Metal Detector under 2 lbs and an array of features.   Boasts Selectable Frequencies from 4 kHz to 18 kHz.    XP produces a complete line-up but not available in the US to my knowledge and one purchased from Europe will not enjoy US Service so it has to be sent back to France for repair.    Does not seem to perform as well in heavier mineralization and bites off on Foils yet will give some bits of foil high numbers as if it were silver.   Tends to lose depth in Heavier Mineralized Areas.

MINELAB Metal  Detectors:
Explorer Series: E-Traq  is  still the choice for the money in spite of the new 3030 which seems to have identical performance, just a Color Screen which is Drab by White's Electronics Spectra Series Standards.     Some have said that the 3030 is an E-Traq with Lipstick.

AKA the Silver Magnet, a slight improvement in many areas over previous Explorers but the old Explorer II continues to be in the Expert's view, the BEST of the Explorer Series.  

For additional Minelab Models and Information, Please visit Larry's Web Site at   Larry is on of the few Minelab Dealers in Northern California and you must call him for the BEST Prices... by the way, Larry actually knows how to use them, unlike someother dealers that will tell you to rely on the manual or by the Andy Sabisch Book.

CHINESE Based Metal Detectors:

Counterfeits walk among us but expect no service so they are throw away detectors. 

When it comes to the Mass Market Models sold under various names like the Viper, MDX, Sand Shark and others please beware and stay away.   I have aquired many of these units through trade ins and their performance falls way short in terms of depth and falsing over Black Sand and even in the air the depth is DISMAL.  

So what is the motivation to sell the GARBAGE to unknowing customers who are tempted by  Inflated Retail Pricing of $800.00 on sale for $325.00 coupled with Advertising Hype and watch 'The New Victims' call and give the order takers their Credit Card Numbers.   

Frequently sold with Bundling Packages; Inferior Accessories ALSO Hyper Inflated in Price to think your going to get $200 to 400 Accessories for FREE.   That's right, but they have an actual cost to the Dealer of under $10.00 in most cases with inferior quality.

Manufacturers set retail pricing based on their R&D Costs, Materials, Features and Performance. Make sure you focus on American Made Products and BEWARE of Private Label Detectors and Accessories marketed through just one dealer out of over 1000 in the US.   Most Dealers are lucky to make 20% on their Inventory after Overhead which includes Shipping, Advertising etc.    This is not like the Retail Jewelry Market.

You NEED to come down and visit my shop in person to make the right choice based on a Detailed Discussion with Greg, who has 40 years of experience in the hobby and over 30 years working with various customers.   

In person, we can figure out the BEST Detector for your needs.

EUROPEAN Built Detectors

C-Scope, Deus, Nokita, Blistool, Makro and others.   Basically all have good performance but remember folks, Europe is a very LOW MINERAL environment and when faced with high mineralization, that negative mineral can eat up a target signal as it gets deeper in the ground.   I like to Buy American myself just like the TRUTH MASTER in politics; Gabor Zolna of the   The choice is yours.






































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