Since 1983, Trans Bay Metal Detectors,  a Cottage Based Multi-Line Detector Business owned by Greg Moscini, a Master Detectorist with over 40 years of experience with metal detecting

We are a Multi-Line Metal Detector Dealer offering Popular Models by Tesoro, Garrett, White's, XP, Detector Pro, Fisher, Teknetics and Bounty Hunter.

Greg has written Field Tests for such Publications as Western & Eastern Treasures, Lost Treasures, National Treasure Hunter Newsletter, Tesoro's MDI Booklet and Others.   Greg has worked closely with White's Metal Detectors, Compass Electronics and Tesoro Electronics in Developing New Products and Models.  Greg also works closely with his associate dealer, Larry @ Big Valley Metal Detectors located in Citris Heights, CA.     Questions concerning choosing the Right Detector to Meet Your Needs?.... Give Greg or Larry a Call.  In the SF Bay Area;  650-574-2012   In the Sacramento Area: 916-225-9150,

The Internet is full of so much information, and it can be confusing, especially to most folks that are new to the hobby.  There is so much Mis-Information out there.   It is so confusing, especially when Big Box Mail Order Stores are giving 4 to 5 out of 5 Stars to various Make-Models that I wouldn't even give 1 star to.   Call me for the TRUTH on Metal Detectors and how DEEP they go, because that's only part of the challenge and there are BIG Differences.

So even if you have purchased a Detector Mail Order such as  Ebay , Craigs List, Amazon Affiliates,  Remember, Greg is happy to answer some questions or take a look at your detector to make sure it is working up to Factory Specifications.  I want to make you my customer going forward.   Lessons are also available, and FREE if you purchased your metal detector from Trans Bay.